Hi! I’m Chen, a Postdoctoral scholar in Mechanical Engineering at UC Berkeley. I am a member of the Mechanical Systems Control Lab supervised by Prof. Masayoshi Tomizuka. Prior to this, I obtained my PhD in Mechanical Engineering at UC Berkeley, and my bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). I have also spent time in Honda Research Institute and Waymo as intern.

The goal of my research is to develop trustworthy and safe intelligent autonomous systems interacting with humans (e.g., autonomous vehicles). I am interested in improving the transparency and robustness of learning-based autonomous systems, by incorporating domain knowledge and other techniques (e.g., model-based control, explainable AI) with deep learning models in a principled manner. Applications of my research include multi-agent trajectory prediction, interaction modeling, motion planning, and vehicle control.

For more information, please refer to my CV. Please feel free to contact me for research discussion and collaboration!