Oct 16, 2023 We organized the Workshop on Scenario and Behavior Diversity in Simulation for Autonomous Vehicle Validation at IEEE IAVVC 2023!
Sep 21, 2023 Our paper “Residual Q-Learning: Offline and Online Policy Customization without Value” is accepted for NeurIPS 2023! Checkout our paper, code, and website.
Aug 1, 2023 I started as a Postdoctoral Fellow in LARG at UT Austin!
Jun 8, 2023 Our paper “Editing Driver Character: Socially-Controllable Behavior Generation for Interactive Traffic Simulation” is accepted for RA-L!
Jun 4, 2023 I gave an invited talk at the Workshop on Social, Interactive and Safe Behaviors for AVs: Benchmarks, Models, and Applications at IEEE IV 2023!
Jun 4, 2023 We organized the Workshop on the Development of Socially-compliant Driving Behaviour for Automated Vehicles at IEEE IV 2023!
Apr 28, 2023 I am selected as one of the 30 Robotics Pioneers for 2023!